A downscaled model made in wood of Ocean Aquafarms offshore fish farm, named the Hex Box.,

Testing the most critical equipment on the Hex Box

A downscaled model made of wood of Ocean Aquafarms' offshore fish farm named the Hex Box, placed indoors in the company's office.

We have recently moved the Hex Box model made by Aqua Knowledge into our offices in Forus for our engineers to test their design in action. The net solution is one of the features that are being further enhanced. The net is the most critical equipment on a fish farm. It is the only barrier that prevents fish escapes, which can disturb the surrounding wild fish stocks and cause large capital loss.

Ocean Aquafarms has spent a lot of time detailed engineering Hex Box’s net to make sure it is proof, both before and during harvesting. Among the features is a double net system that protects against floating objects, boat accidents and predators, hence reducing the risk of fish escape. The net also gently and automated harvest the fish with limited stress and in smaller quantities to fit the wellboat. You can read more about our safety and sustainability measures here.

Oh, and see this lego man? Imagine he was a real person, about 2 meters tall. That is the aspect ratio of this model and the actual Hex Box.

A lego man stands next to one of the silos onboard the Hex Box, to illustrate the aspect ratio.

Fomo Works' building is covered with red bricks and glass walls. It is situated right next to Ikea and highway E39.

Change of office address

Fomo Works' building is covered with red bricks and glass walls. It is situated right next to Ikea and highway E39.

You can find us in our new offices at Fomo, right next to Ikea and highway E39. Photo: Ragnhild Sofie Selstø


As of today, you can find us in our new offices at the second floor in Fomo Works’ building. Exciting times are ahead, and we are happy to continue developing our projects in a new, inspirational environment.

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Ocean Aquafarms hires new Communication Manager

Ocean Aquafarms welcomes Ragnhild Sofie Selstø to our team. Ragnhild recently will take part in developing new projects as Communication Manager.

29 years old Ragnhild from Sandnes has previously worked as a journalist for, among others, Aftenposten and Stavanger Aftenblad. She also has experience with digital journalism and publishing.

Ragnhild speaks Mandarin, and holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Society and Politics from the University of Oslo and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

Her experience and knowledge on communication, Chinese language and China in general will benefit Ocean Aquafarms as the company is moving ahead towards a new and exciting era.

You can find Ragnhild on LinkedIn here.

Exciting week in Yantai

A big team from Ocean Aquafarms visited China last week, and had successful meetings with both the local gouvernment in Yantai and with Shandong province. We also had interesting discussions with our local business partners.

Yantai students visited Ocean Aquafarms

Successful Chinese visit to the Stavanger region

A successful visit that created a solid foundation for further cooperation within aquaculture says chairman Heidi Baugstø of Ocean Aquafarms after a Chinese delegation visited the Stavanger region last week.

The delegation, led by Party Secretary Zhang Shuping, consisted of representatives of both business and government in Yantai.

The main purpose of this visit was to learn more about the Norwegian success in building up a sustainable aquaculture industry.

During this visit, the guests signed several cooperation agreements – with Ocean Aquafarms as well as with Bremnes Seashore and Blue Planet who are our partners say Heidi Baugstø. She characterizes these agreements as the basis for strong partnerships for the future. The delegation also visited a Bremnes fish farm and Flor & Fjære in Ryfylke, as well as Bremnes Seashore´s main production facility at Bømlo.