Hex Box

Hex Box is a unique offshore fish farm designed for areas that are more exposed to harsh environments than today’s conventional technology.

Hex Box is designed with fish welfare as the driving parameter. A advanced monitoring system from our close partner Kongsberg Maritime is installed to collect multiple parameters detecting the environment and the fish’ wellbeing. Software assist the operators in understanding the complex picture as a tool for decision making. Much effort is made to the harvesting process with limited stress on the fish and the operator. When the waves are high, traditional harvesting processes will have too many restrictions in terms of operational window, safety to personnel and design load for equipment. Ocean Aquafarms have therefore developed a unique technique for harvesting unexposed to waves.

The Hex Box comes in different versions, each handling wave heights ranging from15 meters and above.

Common for all Hex Box versions is the hexagonal shape. Every second column contains a pump room, utility tanks and deck crane, while the others contain feed silos and distribution. The centre of the superstructure contains a sheltered moonpool, technical equipment, electrical cabinets, power generation, cabins, and control room. Each floor is 400 square meters. The net circumference is 290 meters and the depth vary from 70 meters and deeper. Hex Box is ideal for species such as salmon, tuna, kingfish, and trout. Applied technologies and equipment is dependent upon the farmer preferences and can be tailormade to suit location, service fleet, type, and size of fish.

The structure is designed for being continuously manned and has accommodation on board for people to stay up to 14 days at a time. Systems are in place for remote operation and monitoring of the fish farming.

The design incorporates all the latest rules and regulations regarding safety of personnel, especially when it comes to crew transfer, handling of goods and cranes, general fish operations and maintenance of the structure. 

The Hex Box structure has a design life of 25 years.  

The key features of Hex Box Norway are:

  • Designed for harsh environment offshore locations.
  • Cost efficienct.
  • The fish welfare is improved by hi-tech monitoring and big data sampling and analysis.
  • Designed for existing and future lice prevention and treatment methods.
  • Power efficiency based on hybrid solution and green power production.
  • Safety of personnel is a high priority.