Technical Information

Hex Box StandardHex Box HarshHex Box Exposed

Volume of net (base case) at survival draft425 000 m³315 000 m³315 000 m³
Biomass capacity (at 25kg/m³)
10 600 ton7 900 ton7 900 ton
Depth of net (base case) from operational draft90 meters70 meters70 meters
Top netOptional, in air and can be submerged 20 metersN/AOptional
Weight6 500 ton8 000 ton10 500 ton
Significant wave height (Hs)Up to 10 meters10 meters – 12,5 metersAbove 12,5 meters
Sea currentsUp to 2 knotsUp to 2 knotsAny

Each Hex Box model has following features:

Hex Box models
Net harvesting methodNets handled by automated winches
Drafts (Ballast System)Biomass transfer
Survival and Inspection
Feeding1 000 storage
Subsurface and/or surface feeding
Accomodation8 persons in 4 cabins + 12 temporary beds
Life Saving AppliancesPersonnel monitoring system
Life rafts
Escape ladders
Helicopter pick-up area
Survival suits
Life jackets
Deck Cranes3 cranes at 30 meters for sea lift + personnel basket cranes
Electric Power Hybrid battery solution powered by 3 windmills and diesel generators
MooringFixed point mooring
Biomass monitoringAdvanced & hi-tech with BigData collection from Kongsberg Maritime