Successful Chinese visit to the Stavanger region

A successful visit that created a solid foundation for further cooperation within aquaculture says chairman Heidi Baugstø of Ocean Aquafarms after a Chinese delegation visited the Stavanger region last week.

The delegation, led by Party Secretary Zhang Shuping, consisted of representatives of both business and government in Yantai.

The main purpose of this visit was to learn more about the Norwegian success in building up a sustainable aquaculture industry.

During this visit, the guests signed several cooperation agreements – with Ocean Aquafarms as well as with Bremnes Seashore and Blue Planet who are our partners say Heidi Baugstø. She characterizes these agreements as the basis for strong partnerships for the future. The delegation also visited a Bremnes fish farm and Flor & Fjære in Ryfylke, as well as Bremnes Seashore´s main production facility at Bømlo.