Hex Box Norway – Main data
Model Hex Box – N90/400k
Builder Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd.
Type of fish & Capacity Atlantic Salmon, 10.140mT
Main Parameters
Wave – Survival condition 10m Significant wave height (Hs)
Drafts 4m (dry pontoon top) to 30m
Light ship weight 6.000mt
Accomodation 3 cabins, 6 beds
Life saving appliances Personnel monitoring system, MOB, life rafts, escape ladders, helicopter pick-up area, survival suits, life jackets.
Crane 2 deck cranes 20m
Electric power Hybrid battery solution powered by 3 x 60kW windmills and 2 diesel generators
Mooring Fixed point mooring
Biomass monitoring sys. Advanced & Hi-tech with BigData collection
Lice prevention Significant.
Offshore location, sub-surface lights, sub-surface feeding, possible to submerge net, electrical fence, fresh water, 250g smolt and flexibility to apply future methods and systems
Feed storage and distribution systems 1.000mT storage capacity, Sub-surface feeding & Surface feeding systems
Net – Combination of fixed net and conventional net
Circumference 275m
Volume of net submerged 450.000m3
Depth of net from mean sea level 90m
Net mesh (min. size of fish) 54mm (250g)
Hoist/lower mechanism Net suspended on winches, net (incl. top net) can be lowered to 10m submerged