Hex Box represents high level technology in farming of Atlantic salmon for offshore harsh environment locations. The company has developed a design which is optimized with respect to cost, weight, operability and flexibility. This is reflected in the shape, hybrid power solution and selection of technical solutions. Hex Box is scalable in size and is based on proven designs which fish farmers are familiar with. The net solution uses existing standard nets but has been modified to incorporate more flexibility with regard to height adjustment. New technology is introduced that monitors fish welfare in order to optimize production and reduce the possibility of lice. Safety of personnel is fundamental to harsh environment locations and this is integrated in the concept from design to operation.

The key features of Hex Box Norway are:

  • Designed for harsh environment offshore locations
  • Cost efficiency
  • Fish welfare improved by hi-tech monitoring and big data sampling and analysis
  • Designed for existing and future lice prevention and treatment methods
  • Power efficiency based on hybrid solution and green power production
  • Safety of personnel is a high priority