Our values


Hex Box is more sustainable than fish farms in near shore waters. Deeper water and stronger currents wash away polluting discharge such as leftover feed and faeces, and reduces the risk of algae blooming.  

Features like the double net prevents the salmon from disturbing the wild fish stocks.  


Healthy fish equals healthy food. Salmon is rich in protein, vitamins, and healthy fat.  

The Hex Box is designed to ensure fish welfare and fish security. The fish swim in large cages which are similar to its natural habitat. They are fed under water to reduce sea lice, and the double net system protects against floating objects, boat accidents and predators.  


The Hex Box structure is engineered to sustain stability even during large wave heights. Safe access, material handling and safety monitoring secures the safety of the personnel. 


Ocean Aquafarms values teamwork, and we believe the best result will occur when we work together with our partners The company have several long term– and key industry partners with whom we have built successful partnerships over several years. You can read more about our partners here.